Alkaline Water, pH and re-Mineralizing

Alkaline Water, pH and re-Mineralizing


               There is some controversy surrounding reverse osmosis water as some experts feel that it strips vital minerals from the water and goes against the suggestion of drinking alkaline water. There are plenty of articles and resources that both dispute and support these claims, but in the end it is up to you to decide which is better for you and your family.

Reverse Osmosis and Essential Minerals

                A Reverse Osmosis system can produce filtered water as pure as 10ppm of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).  Because of this, experts feel that the purified water lacks the essential minerals that are found in water sources such as mineral water, tap water and bottled water. This may be the case, however we have found that unless you are diagnosed as mineral deficient or on a strict diet, the average person will ingests these minerals from other drinks and food sources. We do still offer a solution for those that are still concerned with the reduced minerals in R.O water.

                Aquapura offers an Omnipure inline Alkaline/Re-Mineralizing Filter  which can be easily installed into most R.O systems. This  filter is installed downstream of the R.O storage tank and adds essential minerals back into your water. This filter help to balance the pH of the water.

Reverse Osmosis and pH

                Since the R.O process will significantly lower the TDS, it will also lower the pH of the water. In most cases we are finding that Reverse Osmosis lowers the pH to around 6.5-6.8pH. This means that Reverse Osmosis water is 5-10 times more acidic than other water sources. This is not considered a significantly acidic change, but we do have options for those who are concerned with this pH change.

                Our Omnipure Inline Alkaline/ Re-Mineralizing Filter will also stabilize the pH of the water in addition to re-mineralizing it. This will bring the Reverse Osmosis water very close to a neutral pH of 7.0-7.3pH.

Alkaline Water

                There is a growing interest in Alkaline water with some claims of 8.0-9.0pH being the optimal pH rating of drinking water. Aquapura offers an Omnipure pH increasing inline filter which will increase the R.O water’s alkalinity. 

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