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Fusion 2 Water Softener & Waterite Fusion Water Softener


Waterite Fusion 2 Water Softeners

The Fusion 2 Water Softener by Waterite Is the most popular and most common water softener sold by Waterite technologies. The Fusion Water softener is available in a number of sizes ranging from a Fusion 2 30,000 grain water softener to a 120K grain Fusion 2 water softener.

Waterite's Fusion 2 Water Softener is built with the popular Clack WS1 CI 5 button control valve. This American made control valve is well known in the professional water softener industry and is a common valve on a number of water softeners. The Clack WS1 CI valve has a simple 5 button display, allowing for customization to meed each individual's water softening requirements.
The resin used in the Fusion 2 water softeners is Waterite's own line of Excelclear Water softening Resin. Waterite has worked closely with engineers to design a line of affordable, yet quality water softening resin. The Fusion water softener water softening resin is built with the consumer in mind, offering optimal hardness removal capacity at an affordable cost.


Fusion 2 Water Softener Series Feature

  • 3/4" Plumbing and 1" Plumbing Connections Available
  • Available with Push Connect easy to Plumb Connections
  • Simple Electronic LCD Display
  • Variety of Residential and commercial sizes Available
  • Available in Both Upflow and conventional Downflow Brining
  • Simple Quarter-Turn Bypass with Directional Handles
  • Meter immediate; meter delayed; meter overide; vacation and calendar clock modes
  • Self charging capitor keeps date/ time of day for 24 hours while programming remains in permanent memory
  • Time Clock and Metered Water Softeners
  • 5 Year Warranty on the Control Valve

Fusion 2 Water Softener Settings


The Fusion Water Softeners Settings can be easily adjusted to meet your family's water usage and soft water requirements. Fusion 2 water softeners can be set to regenerate based on water usage and/or based on a number of days. This will allow your Fusion softener to regenerate only when needed and not waste excess water.

Aquapura Plumbing & Heating is able to aide in helping you find the best water softener settings for your Fusion water softener on both residential and commercial softeners.


Fusion 2 Water Softener Review

Aquapura Plumbing & Heating is proud to offer our review of the Fusion2 Water Softener. We have seen the Fusion softeners installed in water with several different water paramenters. This water softener has many benefits and is one of the best selling professional water softeners for a good reason.

The Fusion water softeners does an excellent job of softening the water. It is built with the renowned American-Made Clack water softener control valve. The Clack control valve has been around since the early 2000s and is the valve choice for a number of water softeners in the market. The blow molded body means less fouling due to iron and hardness, with the greater durability over valves built with cheap plastics.

All Fusion water softeners are built with Excelclear water softening resin by Waterite. The high quality resin does a great job of softening the water and does foul early due to low levels of iron. Their line of resin comes in the industry standard capacity of about 30K grains per cubic feet of media. 

Overall usability of the Fusion water softener is fairly user friendly. The consumer settings are simple to access and even easier to understand. Settings are labeled using simple terms, which can always be referenced in the Fusion 2 water softener manual. This water softener is a "set it and forget it" softener. Manual regenerations can be easily started in a matter of seconds.

The Fusion water  softener settings are just as easy to understand. The softener can be set up by simply setting your water hardness and letting the Clack control valve perform the rest of the calculations such as cycle length and salt dosage. You are not just limited to these pre-set factory settings as you are also able to adjust your Fusion water softener settings even further. The backwash time, salt dosage and regeneration frequency are just a few of the settings that you are able to pro

One of our favourite feature of our Fusion 2 water softener review is the fact that the bypass is one of the easiest to use. A lot of the other water softener bypasses we have seen are tougher to turn, especially over time. The Fusion 2 bypass seems to not have this problem and the quick quarter-turn is still easy to move after 10 years of use! The bypass handles are also shaped like arrows, which indicate the direciton of flow of water.

The Fusion water softeners are able to built with a number of different plumbing connections. The system can be built with copper sweat connections, Sharkbite style push connect, Schedule 40 PVC or even CPVC terminations. This means less adapters and extra plumbing fittings for your installation.

Fusion 2 Water Softener Price

Waterite's Fusion 2 water softener is sold and installed locally and available across Canada online through E-commerce. This availability allows for a competitive price for a quality water softener. Aquapura Plumbing & Heating is proud to offer the Fusion water softener prices online and locally with install.

Fusion 2 Water Softener Manual

Aquapura Plumbing & Heating is proud to offer the Fusion 2 Water softener manual, Fusion 2 Water Softener Spec Sheet, Fusion 2 water softener warranty and set up manual.

Fusion 2 Water Softener Troubleshooting

Are you having issues with your Fusion water softener? Looking for Fusion water softener Userguide or Fusion water softener troubleshooting? Aquapura Plumbing & Heating has technicians able to assist you with your Fusion water softener troubleshooting.


Fusion 2 Water Softener Parts

Aquapura Plumbing & Heating sells and installs various Fusion water softener parts. We have access to rebuild kits, bypassess and plumbing and installation parts to make your Fusion water softener perform without issues.

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