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Vectapure 400NX 5 Stage 400GPD 1:1 Reverse Osmosis System

$649.99  CAD  $599.99  CAD
Save: 8%

I was going to purchase a water filtration system that is made in the US and I was told I needed a delivery pump for the purpose i needed it for. The manufacture of the delivery pump referred me to Aquapura to purchase the pump. I spoke to Rubin of my issue and he was able to walk me thru the process in buying a RO Water Filtration System. Because of the water quality and water pressure in Etobicoke, ON where I live and I was planning to buy a system w/ 1/4" tubing, booster pump, UV Sterilizer. He then compared his system w/ 3/8" tubing that is made in Canada. He made me understand my real needs so as to avoid issues down the road by buying the wrong product with add ons which I really didn't need and at the same time saved +$200 with a more superior system. Rubin's in-depth knowledge of the business he's in and the products he sells gave me confidence knowing that I made the right decision in purchasing a Water Filtration System from Rubin. I've been shopping around and I know I made the right choice and I'm especially very happy that the product is Made in Canada.
Date Added: 01/18/2019 by Victor A.
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