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Kleinburg Water Treatment



Kleinburg Water Treatment and Solutions

Aquapura Water Products is no stranger to the Kleinburg area and we offer various solutions to your Kleinburg Water problems.

Water Hardness, Calcium and Scale

Kleinburg municipal water has Moderately Hard to Hard Water. Our customer's in the area are averaging 12-18 Grains/ US Gallon (205-308 mg/l). This means that the water hardness is not too high, however it is enough to cause buildup in your pipes, and cause possible damage to your hot water tank, dishwasher and shower heads. Aquapura carries a number of water softeners which can effectively and economically treat your water hardness problems with ease and little to no maintenance.

Water Softener

Aquapura's Canadian assembled Purifiner PDS Water Softener can soften your water and remove calcium with minimal maintenance. All PDS Series water softeners come equipped with automatic backwashing Erie rotary heads which can be customized to each individual's needs. These water softeners are plug and play and do not contain filters or screens that need to be cleaned or replaced and this added convenience can save you time and money. 

Our water softeners use only the highest quality resin. They contain a bed of the Carbochem CA-12 Water Softener Exchange Resin with 10% cross linked resin. This high quality resin lasts longer than the standard resin used in the majority of water softeners on the market. Additionally, this resin is more resistant to the harsher chemicals being put into the water in some municipalities. So far, this is not a problem for the residents of Kleinburg, however the municipality may follow suite of other's like York Region and Peel Region where Chloramines are now present in the water. This chemical compound is enough to turn traditional resin into mush. As a preventative maintenance, we automatically upgrade our water softeners to the higher chemical resistant resin if they are being installed where water is supplied by the town or city.

Aquapura's Fusion 2 Water Softeners are an economical solution to soften your water and remove calcium. All Fusion 2 series water softeners come equipped with automatic backwashing Clack WS1  control valves which can be customized to each individual's needs. These water softeners are also metered and can be set to regenerate dependant on water usage and/or time.

Aquapura's Fusion 2 Water Softeners are an economical solution to soften your water and remove calcium. All Fusion 2 series water softeners come equipped with automatic backwashing Clack WS1  control valves which can be customized to each individual's needs. These water softeners are also metered and can be set to regenerate dependant on water usage and/or time.

Chlorine, Chloramines and THMs

elevated levels of chlorine, chloramines and THMs has the potential to damage your household appliances and more importantly, your body. Studies indicate that these chemicals may cause you to feel symtoms such as; itchy skin, dryness, burning sensations in the nose throat etc. There are also suggestions that prolonged contact with chloramines and THMs may lead to kidney, colon or stomach cancer. Aquapura offers several solutions for removing / reducing chlorine, chloramines and THMs in Alliston.

*Although we are capable of building mixed-bed Softeners/Chlorine removal systems, we strongly recommend against these systems for a variety of reasons.  

Catatlytic Carbon Filter

Aquapura's Canadian assembled Purifiner Automatic Backwashing Catalytic Carbon Filter is one of the best options for removing/reducing chlorine, chloramines and THMs. Catalytic carbon has many benefits over traditional activated carbon , which is used most of the chlorine filter systems on the market. The catalytic carbon is more efficient in converting chlorine and chloramines into  less harmful compounds, which are then expelled during the unit's regeneration. The catalytic carbon filter also has a much greate capacity for chloramine removal/ reduction. The Purifiner automatic backwashing catalytic carbon filter is our most popular option for chlorine, chloramine and THM removal/reduction in Alliston.

Activated Carbon Filter

Aquapura's Canadian assembled Purifiner Automatic Backwashing Carbon Filter is another option for removing/reducing chlorine, chloramines and THMs. This system would compare with the most commononly used carbon filters on the market. The activated carbon filter will remove/reduce chlorine and THMs, but has a lower reduction capacity with chloramines. Additionally, chloramines can reduce the life of regular activated carbon to an extent. We recommend the Purifiner Automatic Backwashing Carbon Filter more for those who do not have chloramine in their water.

Iron and Staining

Some residents of Kleinburg may experience iron in their water. Symptoms of iron include odours from the water (rotten egg smell), staining in bath tubs, toilet bowls, and other household appliances, stains on clothing, skin irritations, etc. On average, Kleinburg residents have an Iron Total of 0.5 mg/l. This is a low amount which may equate to mild staining in household appliances. Aquapura Water Products offers Kleinburg Iron Remover and Iron Reduction solutions.


Our Water Softeners are capable of removing a certain amount of iron with ease. For most residents of Kleinburg this means that Aquapura's water softeners are more than enough for removing iron from your water. Consequently, there is no need for a separate iron remover unit which will cost you extra money.

Chlorine, Fluorides, Trihaloemethanes and Total Dissolved Solids

Municipal water sources tend to use a combination of chemicals to treat the water for bacteria like E. coli, Coliforms etc. Chemicals such as chlorine do a great job of treating bacteria in your water. However there are some concerns as to the side effects of drinking water that his chlorine, fluorides and trihalomethanes. Kleinburg municipal water is no exception as the water does contain traces of fluoride, nitrates, trihalomethanes, arsenic etc. Aquapura offers a variety of Reverse Osmosis Systems to help reduce and even remove these contaminants from your drinking water.


The Vectapure NX 5-Stage 75GPD Reverse Osmosis System is the most economical solution for those who use want a bigger storage tank and more gallons per day of R.O water. This R.O system is capable of producing up to 75 gallons per day and comes with a bigger 3.2 gallon storage tank. As a bonus, this unit also comes with a Leak Stop Safety Flow Interuptor! This safeguard can prevent leaks by cutting off the R.O water supply when a leak is detected

The Vectapure (Waterite) NSF 58 Certified Quick Change RO features quick-change cartridges, which provide a simple alternative to traditional reverse osmosis systems. This simple twist off and twist on design allows for easier filter replacements and can save you time and money. These proprietary cartridges also simplify the regular replacement as required – typically on a semi annual basis. 


Bacteria, E. Coli and Coliforms


Certain residents of Kleinburg may not get their water from the municipality, but instead obtain their water through private wells, lakes etc. A concern with this is that the water may not be treated with chlorine or other chemicals in order to inactivated bacteria. This means that there is the potential for bacteria to be present in private water sources. One chemical free method of treating water for bacteria (e. coli coliforms etc) is an Ultraviolet Sterilization System. Aquapura Water Products carries a number of Kleinburg Ultraviolet Sterilization Systems.

The UV Dynamics Mini Rack Ultraviolet Sterilization System is our best selling line of U.V Systems. The rack system features a pre-filter housing sump which can be fitted with a filter of your liking. This is beneficial as Ultraviolet Systems need at least a 5 micron sediment pre filter in order to successfully inactivated bacteria. The U.V chamber is made of 304 stainless steel in order to provide exellent longitivity The compact design allows the filter and U.V system to be installed in areas where space is limited. The UV Dynamics systems are assembled in London, Ontario and offer that prouldy Canadian quality. Systems can range from 8-20GPM with various sizes and numbers of pre filter sumps.


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