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Purifiner U.V Duplex Ultraviolet Sterilization System


Purifiner UV Duplex Replacement Filters and Lamp


Purifiner UV Dual Filter System 10"

The Purifiner UV Dual Filter System offers all the advantages of ultraviolet sterilization system bundled into a dualstage cartridge filter system. Waterite's exclusive Excelight U.V system offers unmatched reliability at an affordable price range.

Combined with the Waterite line of Duplex Big Blue cartridge systems in order to offer filtration of sediment, bad odours and tastes. The system is built with a beautiful stainless steel bracket and accompanied with dual pressure gauges to help indicate frequency of filter changes.

Purifiner UV Duplex Features

  • 3/4" Ports for easy plumbing connections
  • Stainless steel flex connector allows for custom installations and orientation
  • Rack system with Two Big Blue 4.5" by 10" Filter Housings
  • Dual Pressure Gauges measuring 0-100 psi
  • Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket
  • Pressure relief button to bleed off air for easier filter changes
  • Flow rate of 8GPM delivers UV dose of 30mj/cm2
  • Flow rate of 6GPM delivers UV dose of 40mj/cm2
  • Flow rate of 15GPM delivers UV dose of 16mj/cm2
  • 304 Stainless Steel U.V Reactor
  • Annual lamp change timer and audible reminder
  • 5 Year Pro-Rated warranty on the ballast
  • Made in Canada (With Domestic and Imported Parts)

How to Change Ultraviolet Light EL720AK


  1. Unplug the ballast and let the lamp cooldown for 10-15 minutes. Grab some gloves or papertowels to handle the U.V Bulb
  2. Find the black knob on the electrical end cap of the U.V System. Slowly loosen the black knob by rotating it counter clockwise untill the end cap moves freely from the chamber.
  3. Slowly pull out the end cap until the ceramic end of the UV bulb is exposed.

    Have one hand hold the end cap and the other hold the ceramic part of the bulb.  Seperate the two parts by gently rocking the end cap and pulling it from the lamp.
  4. Once the end cap has been removed, pull the old EL720L lamp out of the chamber gently. Be careful not to hit the side wall of the quartz sleeve as the lamp and/or sleeve may break.

  5. Carefully open the new U.V bulb and do not touch the glass portion of the lamp at all. These bulbs are extremely sensitve to contact and may pop or expire early if touched directly.
  6. Insert the new bulb into the stainless steel chamber with the pins facing out.

  7. Line the pins up with the electrical end cap and refasten the end cap to the end nut.
  8. Press the button on the ballast and plug in the electrical cord to the ballast as you continue to hold down the button.

    Once the ballast indicates the word "RESET" or "365", you man release the button.


Purifiner Duplex UV Review

Aquapura Plumbing & Heating is proud to offer our review of the Purifiner UV Duplex system with 10" Big Blue Housing. This is our best selling UV Rack System for online sales and installs.

A growing amount of the water treatment in industry id moving towards the compact U.V rack systems, with filter sumps. Pre-filtration for a U.V system is paramount as sediment, iron and a number of other contaminants will inhibit the Ultraviolet sterilization system.

Waterite technologies made the informative decision of constructing this U.V system with the installer and DIYer in mind. The rack design allows for much easier installations, especially in areas where space is limited. Definately an advantage our technicians are proud of.

The sleek stainless steel mounting bracket is another innovative feature of the Purifiner U.V system. One thing we noticed with the older powdercoated brackets is that they always end up rusting and wearing down the bracket. This is not an issue for the stainless steel bracket, as it will be able to last significantly longer and be almost invincible to rust.

Pressure gauges are another appeciated accessory on the system. This will help the user and installer to determine when it is time to change filters, or even help to troubleshoot pressure problems in their plumbing.

Installation is very simple and straight forward. The U.V chamber ports are not directional, meaning that the system can be mounted where the lamp exits to the left or right of the unit without doing any extra plumbing.

Maintenance is also easy with the Purifiner Duplex System as the pressure relief button allows you to release any trapped air which may make removing the filter sumps harder than usual. Lamp changing is just as easy and allows you to change the lamp without having to shut off the water and remove the sleeve.

Overall, the Purifiner UV Duplex systems are solid systems which provide years of reliability. One of our favourite things about this system is that Waterite has been using the same Excelight systems for over 10 years and has not discontinued any of these systems or lamps. This means you do not have to constantly upgrade your system because parts are no longer available.

Aqua Flo 475 Price

The Purifiner 10" Duplex UV  is sold and installed locally and available across Canada online through E-commerce. Aquapura Plumbing & Heating is proud to offer the Purifiner UV systems for online orders and local orders.

Purifiner UV  Manual

Aquapura Plumbing & Heating is proud to offer the Purifiner manual, Purifiner UV Spec Sheet, Purifiner UV warranty and set up manual.

Purifiner UV Troubleshooting

Are you having issues with your Purifiner UV Duplex? Looking for Purifiner UV Duplex Userguide or Purifiner UV Duplex troubleshooting? Aquapura Plumbing & Heating has technicians able to assist you with your Purifiner UV Duplex troubleshooting.

Purifiner Duplex Parts

Aquapura Plumbing & Heating sells and installs various Purifiner UV parts. We have access to Lamps, Sleeves, ballasts in order to repair your systems without issues.

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