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Auto Backwashing Micro Z Erie 1.0 Cu Ft Sediment Filter

$868.00  CAD

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Micro-Z Zeolite PMF24948 1 Cubic Foot Auto Back-washing Filtration Unit

Micro Z PMF24948 1 Cubic Foot automatic back-washing Sediment filter, used to remove sediment, silt, turbidity and large amount of particulate iron to below 5 microns.

The Purifiner Electronic Head

The Purifiner Micro Z series water softeners feature the Erie control valves. These control valves use a high quality rotary valve system compared to the competitor's stack sysstems and motorized pistons. This means less moving parts and less wear and tear to worry abot. The Erie head also means less maintenance for the homeowner with little to no maintenance such as injector screens to clean. Each unit can be customized to meet the individuals specific needs. Units can be set to regnerate based on water usage and/or after a set amount of days. The userfriendly operating system allows customers to set the unit to their liking without the need for expensive service calls!

Micro Z Benefits:

  • Automatic flushing no need to change sediment cartridge filters
  • 5 Micron sediment removal of particles which cause cloudy looking water
  • Removes large amount of particular precipitated Iron that cause staining on fixtures and appliances
  • Removes metallic taste
  • Longer resin life than Iron filters
  • Better flow with less restriction compared to standard cartridge sediment filters
  • Meets and surpasses the specification to be used as a pre-filters for UV Ultraviolet sterilization system
  • Prolong the life of other equipment when used as a pre-filter
  • Great Post filtration for Chlorination systems
  • Digital electronic head can be programmed to more often or less depending on your needs

Micro Z Features:

  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • No Screens or Pre Filters to Clean
  • Replaces the need of costly replacement cartridges
  • Safe low Voltage Operation
  • High Efficiency
  • Large Ported Valve maximizes water flow
  • Permanent Memory means not Batteries required
  • Contains 1 Cubic Foot of Micro Zeolite Filter Media

Micro Z Specifications:

  • Unit Size14”X8”X58” (35cmX20cmX131cm)
  • Operating pressure 8.28 bar
  • Supply Voltage 120VAC
  • Operating Voltage 24 VAC
  • Flow Rate: 4GPM(16 L/M)


Bypass valve sold separately   

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  • Model: Erie PMF24948 MIcro Z

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