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NextSand Filtration Media for Sediment Filters

$59.99  CAD

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Next Filtration Technologies NextSand Filtration Media 

Contains one Cubic Foot of NextSand Sediment Media. NextSand is used in Automatic Backwashing Sediment filters, In and out sediment filters, Bag Filters, Aquarium/ Fishtank filters, Pool filters and cartridge carbon filters in order to remove a number of impurities in the water. NextSand is a naturally mind substance which acts as a 3-5 micron filter.


  • 3-5 Micron Filter
  • Sand Filter Media Which Acts as a Sediment Filter
  • Market Standard Sediment Filtration Systems
  • Life Expectancy of 3-5 years (Dependant on water source)


When should I replace the NextSand Media ?

  • Automatic Backwashing Sediment Filters Every 3-5 Years on Municipal Water
  • In and Out Sediment Filters Every 1-3 Years on Municipal Water
  • Cartridge Filters and Bag Filters 6-12 Months with a pre-filter, 1-6 Months without a Pre-filter. 
  • Aquarium/Fishtank Filters Monthly

 This is also dependent on other factors such as the source water's iron levels, chlorination levels etc.There are many more variables that can effect how often one needs to rebed their water softener so we reccommend that you contact us in order to determine the best solution for your household.

How many bags of NextSand do I need?

One bag of NextSand is more than enough to rebed a standard  9 inch by 48 inch Fiberglass tank and enough for a 10 inch by 44 inch fiberglass tank. For different sizes and models please contact us.


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