Pentek Big Blue EP-BB 10" 5 Micron Carbon Filter

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Pentek EP-BB

Carbon Block 5 micron filter Cartridge used for 10" BB(Big Blue)

4 1/2" X 10" Filter housing


  • Removes Chlorine Taste & Odor
  •  Removes Bad Taste & Odor
  •  Removes Sediment down to 5 microns
  •  Filter size 4 1/2" X 10"

Fits Pentek(formerly US Filter) Big Blue and other heavy duty filter housings using

4 1/2" X 10" Cartridge filters. 

Why should I install filters?

Most municipal water systems draw water from the great lakes(known as the great lakes water solutions) and are chlorinated to kill bacteria and viruses. 
However, this is not the solution since this water still has to travel through miles of pipes before it enters your home.  The pipes are usually not clean and contain heavy metals from solder joints, fixtures, etc. The only way to ensure that your drinking water is free of contaminants is to filter it yourself in your home or office.

How often are Filters cartridges to be changed?

Filter cartridges should be changed between 6 months to once a year depending on water depot quality in order to keep the TDS readings down (Total Dissolved Solids) 

What is a TDS Reading?

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) are the total amount of mobile charged ions, including minerals, salts or metals dissolved in a given volume of water, expressed in units of mg per unit volume of water (mg/L), also referred to as parts per million (ppm). TDS is directly related to the purity and quality of water and water purification systems and affects everything that consumes, lives in, or uses water, whether organic or inorganic.



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  • Model: Pentek EP-BB 155548-43

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