Big Blue 10" Whole House Filter Housing

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Big Blue 10" Whole House Filter Housing

 The Big Blue filter is used as a whole house filtration filter to remove fine sediment, Chlorine and odour from your water this is a very important additive to help protect your existing water treatment equipment.


 Housings and caps are constructed of durable polypropylene and sealed with a Buna-N O-ring. Housings are suitable to 100°F (37°C); maximum operating pressure is 90 psi (6.2 bar) for 20" housings





  • Flow rates up tp 50GPM
  • Housing dimensions 13 1/8"H x 7-1/4" dia
  • Port Size is 3/4 NPT(F)
  • Releif Valve

How do I change the Filter Cartridge in a Big Blue 10" ?

1.Turn off water to the house
2. Place trough or bucket under the housing to capture water as it is spilled
3. Press red pressure release button on filter housing to release pressure
4. Use the wrench and turn the housing clockwise to loosen(do not force it as the assembly may break)
5. Continue turning clockwise with your hand and empty the contents into the trash/drain.
6. O Ring Lubrication: Prior to replacing the filter, we recommend lubrication with an approved FDA accepted lubricant that is friendly to the O ring.
7. Replace the filter by seating the new filter in the housing and lifting the housing vertically straight up and rotate the assembly counterclockwise manually
8. If you have trouble, relubricate and reapply the housing
9. Tighten the assembly counterclockwise with the wrench.



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  • Model: Big Blue 10" Housing

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