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Erie PDAF-1054 Purifiner Iron Filter Air Injection System

$1,499.99  CAD

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Erie/Purifiner PDAF-1054 Intermittent Aeration Iron Removal with built in air injection system

PDAF Iron, Hydrogen Suplhide Odour Removal System

The Purifiner Iron and hydrogren sulphide system treats iron with an air injector which uses air to precipitate the iron and sulfide (sulfur) in your water. Essentially, the PDAF systems convert the iron to a solid that is filtered out with the resin in the system.. The PDAF systems use aeration to covert the iron to solids that are filtered through the resin. These units are capable of treating higher amounts of iron in the water and are one of the best options for treating Bacterial Iron as they do not need special chemicals in order to function.

Comparison to the PAFI Systems

The PDAF systems have a built in Self-Contained Air Injection that only draws in air when needed. This has it's advantage over the PAFI's continuous air injection system as there is no need to purchase and install a seperate air injection valve such as the Clack PVS Air Injector or the Mazzei Air Injector.  In most cases, the PDAF is recommended over the PAFI system as it is a more feasible, and easier solution to removing iron. Give us a call or email to make sure that this is the right system for you. 

This Erie Purifiner PDAF-1054 Intermittent Aeration Iron Removal Features:

  • Self-Contained Air Injection System 
  • Removes Sulphide "Rotten Egg" Odour
  • Prevents Red Iron Stains
  • Computerized control
  • Programmable regeneration cycles
  • Up to 40% saving on water used for regeneration
  • Continual supply of conditioned water
  • Control Features - The Top Of The Class
  • "State Of The Art" Embedded Micro-Processor Technology
  • Advanced Diagnostic Tracking
  • "Non-Volatile" Memory
  • Large Ports for Maximum Water Delivery
  • Simple Three Button Operation and Programming
  • Minimum Moving Components
  • Proven Reliability
  • No need for extra chemical conditioners such as potassium

Bypass valve sold separately   


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  • Model: PDAF-1054

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