Manual Backwashing Catalytic Carbon Filter 1.0 Cu Ft

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Catalytic Carbon 1.0 Cubic Feet Manual Backwashing Carbon filter, used to remove chlorine, chloramines , chlorine by-products like Trihalomethanes, bad tastes and odour.

Manual Backwashing Carbon Filter Features:

  • Chlorine Capacity of 1 Million Gallons
  • Capable of Reducing Chloramines
  • Manual Flush
  • Acts as up to a 20 micron carbon filter
  • Removes chlorine, Triahalomethanes (THMs) and other odours from your water
  • Reduces VOC's and other organic compounds from water
  • Removes bad tastes and odours
  • Better flow with less restriction compared to standard cartridge carbon filters
  • Great Post Filter for chlorination systems
  • Great Pre-Filter for reverse osmosis systems 
  • Replaces the need of costly replacement cartridges
  • High Efficiency
  • 3/4" Ports
  • Contains 1.0 Cubic Feet of Carbon


  • Unit Size 9”X9”X48” (22cmX22cmX121cm)

  • Model: AQ-CCF-948

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