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TWT Scale Deposit Control 3/4" PVC Reaction Chamber

$1,399.00  CAD

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Triangular Wave Technologies Deposit Control Scale Reduction System with PVC Reaction Chamber for 3/4" Plumbing

    The TWT Desposit Control Scale Reduction System works to consistently deliver high qality water by reducing scale and bio-fouling in your home's plumbing system. The scale reduction process involves a current source generator which outputs a signal in the water. This creates a deionizing effect which causes the minerals in the water to lose their adhesive properties and remain in suspension in the water. This means that the minerals in the water reamining in a state which does not allow them to stick to your plumbing or appliances to cause scale.

Benefits of the System

  • Reduction of Scale: Will actually treat existing scale deposits on appliances and plumbing i.e Dishwashers/
  • Increase Appliance Efficiency: Scale formation on hot water heaters and in dishwashers will drive up utility costs.

Advantages over a Traditional Water Softener

  • No Salt Consumption: Save time and money by not having to buy bags of salt!
  • Works Without Regeneration Cycles: The system is always working and controlling scale with no need for down-time/
  • No Water Consumption: Water softeners use water in order to backwash and recharge the unit.
  • Maintenance Free: Does not require servicing or replacement of internal parts which make get clogged for fail in water softener valves.
  • Easy to Install: Simple for the average DIYer can attempt without having to worry about drains or soldering.
  • Compact: Significantly smaller footprint then a water softener and salt tank.
  • Works with PEX , Uponor, Stainless Steel, PVC and CPVC: Options for Copper/Galvanized are Available.


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  • Model: TWT-5C8-401

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