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Erie PDTR-948 Purifiner Tannin Remover

$1,699.99  CAD

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Erie/Purifiner PDTR-948 Tannin Removing System 

PDTR Tannins Removal System

The Purifiner PDTR Tannins Remover Systems act similar to the water softener systems and use a process in order to remove low to high levels of tannins and colour from your water. The system draws in brine in order to charge the resin. Our units use only the highest quality Tannin/Colour anion exchange resin in order to offer you the longest running systems.

Comparison to the PDCR Systems

The PDTR systems are strictly tannin remover systems. These tannin removers are able to remove low-high levels of tannins whereas the PDCR systems can only remove low-medium levels. The PDTR is also required when the water's calcium levels are higher than a certain point. Give us a call or send us an email to find out exactly which unit meets your needs.

This Erie Purifiner PDTR Tannin Remover Systems:

  • Removes the Yellow, Orange, or Brown Water Colour 
  • Removes Earthy Odours
  • Removes Tangy, Musky Aftertaste 
  • Computerized control
  • Programmable regeneration cycles
  • Up to 40% saving on water used for regeneration
  • Continual supply of conditioned water
  • Control Features - The Top Of The Class
  • "State Of The Art" Embedded Micro-Processor Technology
  • Advanced Diagnostic Tracking
  • "Non-Volatile" Memory
  • Large Ports for Maximum Water Delivery
  • Simple Three Button Operation and Programming
  • Minimum Moving Components
  • Proven Reliability
  • No need for extra chemical conditioners such as potassium

Bypass valve sold separate    


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  • Model: PDTR-948

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 11 March, 2016.

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