Aftermarket Replacement lamp 602854 for Trojan UVMax Model G UV

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Aftermarket Replacement lamp 602854 For for Trojan UV Max Pro10 Model G Ultraviolet Water Sterilization system

 Trojan UV Pro10/G/G Plus UV Model G Ultraviolet Water Sterilization  residential ultraviolet (UV) water purifier replacement Lamp. 

What is Ultraviolet sterilizer light?

Ultra violet sterilization is the use of ultraviolet light to kill any water born microorganism’s bacteria or viruses such as coloform, e.coli, cryptosporidium, or giardia.

Who needs an Ultraviolet (UV) system?

Homeowners who have received a positive coloform, e.coli, cryptosporidium, or giardia water test result
Well water or private water systems
Those with reason to suspect that they are at higher risk for such contamination
Families seeking to have piece of mind that there water is being properly disinfected prior to consumption


  • Kills Harmful Microorganisms
  • Kills bacteria’s
  • Kills water born viruses
  • Kills Coloform
  • Kills e-coli
  • Kills Cryptosporidium
  • Kills mould spores
  • Does not introduce harmful chemicals(Chlorine) into your drinking water
  • Trojan UV Max Model G Ultraviolet Water Sterilization system disinfection can never overdose
  • Has no effect on taste and odour
  • No carcinogenic disinfection by-products are produced with UV water disinfection
  • Trojan UV Max Model G Ultraviolet Water Sterilization system can never overdose

How does it work?

The DNA of disease causing microorganisms exposed to UV light is disrupted so that it is not possible for the microorganism to replicate and cause illness.

What is the cost of operating a UV disinfection system?

The Trojan UV Max Pro10/G/G Plus UV Model G Ultraviolet Water Sterilization system uses about as much electrical energy as a 40watt light bulb.

How long does an ultraviolet (UV) lamp last?

The UV output of the UV lamp decreases slowly with age and has a useful life of 9000 hours (one year). Beyond 9000 hours the lamp output starts degrade rapidly and disinfection performance will be suspect.  Trojan UV Max Model G Ultraviolet water sterilization system disinfection units are designed to provide the specified dose at the end of the useful lamp life. The integral lamp change reminder alarm will inform you of the necessity of changing the lamp. Operating the lamp beyond 9000 hrs will result in ever reducing disinfection performance.

Ultraviolet whole house water sterilizers are exploding in popularity due to their low maintenance requirements, ease of operation, economical purchase price and operating cost. Even municipal water can no longer be assumed to be safe with boil water advisories becoming more frequent.

Does having a Ultraviolet(UV) purification help sell my house?

When selling or buying a house water testing has become an important staple, installing a ultraviolet sterilizer can prove to be a great asset in assuring that you receive both top dollar for your house when selling and piece of mind when buying. Knowing that you’ve purchased a house that has safe drinkable water with a “0” readings for coliforms and E. coli is not only important in this day and age but safe drinking water is a necessity.

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 We will help get your water test readings to “0” where they should be.

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  • Model: Trojan 602854 AM

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