Pura Replacement Quartz for UVSS-15/15M UV Water Sterilizer

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Pura 89512 Replacement Quartz Sleeve for UVSS-15/15M Ultraviolet Water Sterilization  System

Replacement Pura quartz sleeve  for Pura UVSS-15/15M Series water ultraviolet disinfecting replacement.

How often should I clean the Pura UVSS-15/15M  Ultraviolet(UV) Quartz Sleeve?

All Pura ultraviolet quarts should be cleaned and inspected on a yearly bases usually, when the UV lamp is replaced. Organic and inorganic deposits absorb UV light and decrease the intensity of UV light penetration into the water or wastewater. This fouling decreases the UV dose resulting in reduced disinfection performance.  

What can you use to clean a Pura UVSS-15/15M Ultraviolet(UV) sterilizer Quartz Sleeve?

Clean the Pura lamp/sleeve by using a commercial scale remover such as Lime-A-Way or CLR on a high-quality lint free cotton swab. When using acidic solution (scale remover) follow the manufacturer's directions for proper use and safety. After the pura lamp/sleeve is cleaned, handle it by the ends only. 

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  • Model: Pura 89512

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