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UV Dynamics 400152 Genuine UV Lamp

$88.00  CAD

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 Genuine lamp UV Dynamics 400152 Ultraviolet UV Water Sterilizer

Compatible with the following UV Dynamics Systems:

  • UVDynamics MR240-TP1-100 Mini Rack

  • UVDynamics MR320E-TP2-200 Mini Rack
  • UVD240 Systems
  • UVD 320 Systems
  • UVD6.40 Systems
  • UVD8.30 Systems

How often should a UV Dynamics 6.4 (UV) Ultraviolet disinfectant light bulb be replaced?

All UV Dynamics ultraviolet lamp bulbs for water disinfectant system should be replaced every year, even if the light appears to be functional. The UV output of the UV lamp decreases slowly with age and has a useful life of 9000 hours (one year). Beyond 9000 hours the lamp output starts degrade rapidly and disinfection performance will be suspect. Leaving your home water system open to harmful microorganisms, bacteria’s, water born viruses, coloform, e-coli, Cryptosporidium, and mould spores.







  • Model: UVD 400152

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 13 April, 2009.

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