Erie PDS-60MB Purifiner 60,000 Grain Water Softener/ Carbon Bed

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Erie Purifiner PDS-60MB Metered Water softener/ Chlorine Reduction


The Purifiner Electronic Head

The Purifiner PDS series water softeners feature the Erie control valves. These control valves use a high quality rotary valve system compared to the competitor's stack sysstems and motorized pistons. This means less moving parts and less wear and tear to worry abot. The Erie head also means less maintenance for the homeowner with little to no maintenance such as injector screens to clean. Each unit can be customized to meet the individuals specific needs. Units can be set to regnerate based on water usage and/or after a set amount of days. The userfriendly operating system allows customers to set the unit to their liking without the need for expensive service calls!


Computerized control
Programmable regeneration cycles
Up to 50% saving on salt usage
Up to 40% saving on water used for regeneration
Continual supply of conditioned water
Control Features - The Top Of The Class

"State Of The Art" Embedded Micro-Processor Technology
Advanced Diagnostic Tracking
"Non-Volatile" Memory
Large Ports for Maximum Water Delivery
Simple Three Button Operation and Programming
Minimum Moving Components
Proven Reliability

How does a water softener work?Soft Water

A water softener uses a medium that serves to exchange "ions" of calcium and magnesium with sodium and potassium.
This occurs in four steps:

  1. The water in the house runs through a resin bed of small plastic beads or zeolite. The beads are covered with sodium or potassium ions. As the water flows past the ions, they swap places with the calcium and magnesium ions. Eventually, the beads contain nothing but calcium and magnesium, and softening stops. It is then time to regenerate the beads or zeolite.
  2. The beads regain their sodium or potassium ions by being flooded with a salty, brine solution that is rich in sodium or potassium.
  3. All the calcium and magnesium, dirt and sediments are flushed from the beads and into the drain this is called backwash.
  4. Finally the mineral tank is rinsed with fresh water and loads the brine tank so it's ready for the next cycle. A proud Canadian company Selling water softeners and water treatment equipment in Alliston Ontario and on-line for over 20 years.

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  • Model: Erie/Purifiner PDS-60MB

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