Hydrotech 89 45,000 Grain Water Softener/Chlorine Filter

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Hydrotech 89 45,000 Grain Metered Water Softener & Chlorine Filter

The Hydrotech 89 Metered Head

The Hydrotech 89 Metered Water Softeners are one of the most efficient water softeners on the market using as little as 3lbs of salt per regeneration and 43 gallons of water per regeneration. Additionally, this softeners contains 1" ports for better flow rates and a bigger 4" screen for accessibility.  The metered usage allows these water softeners to be set to regenerate based on the amount of water used and/or after a set number of days which can be customized to each individual's needs in order to optimize efficiency. 


The Hydrotech 89 water softeners contain WQA Gold Seal 8% Water Softener Resin and a gravel underbedding to aide in efficienc. The 89 series water softeners are also able to be customized by their resin. A lot of municpalities are introducing amonia into the city water. This chemical compound tends to breakdown standard resin into slush which ends up destroying the water softener. The second tank contains a bed of carbon in order to remove/reduce chlorine, THMs, VOCs etc. We give you the option to use chemical resistant resin for these specific scenarios!

Bypass valve sold separately


  • Meter Iniated: Regenerates based water usage
  • Computerized control
  • Soften Water and Reduce Chlorine
  • Programmable regeneration cycles
  • Uses as little as 3lbs of Salt per Regeneration
  • Uses as little as 43 gallons of Water per Regeneration
  • True 1" Ports
  • Large 4 Inch Touch Pad LCD Display
  • Continual supply of conditioned water
  • Advanced Diagnostic Tracking
  • "Non-Volatile" Memory
  • Large Ports for Maximum Water Delivery
  • Simple Three Button Operation and Programming
  • 48 Hour Back up Capacitors which keep the time and date
  • Contains WQA Gold Seal 8% Crosslinked Resin


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  • ManualDownload Documention


  • Model: HT89DF-150

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