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Insulated Pex Tubing and Hose

Aquapura carries severel different Insulated PEX tubing and hose to meet all your heating needs. Our Insulated PEX pipe is manufactured using only the highest quality PEX and insulation materia.

Insulated PEX Pipe Can be Used for:

  • Hot Water Transport from One Heating Source to your Radiant Heating System
  • Cold Water Transport in Colder Climate to Prevent Freezing
  • Geothermal Systems
  • Solar Heating for Pools, Hot Tubs and Ponds
  • Outdoor Wood Boiler 
  • Outdoor Wood Furnace 
  • Pressurized Wood Boiler 
  • Hydronic Heating 


Canada Thermoflex Underground Insulated Pex Canada Wood Boiler Pipe Canada Heat Exchanger Pipe Camada Heatmor Pipe Canada Heatmor Canada Green Valley Heating Canada Hawken's Canada Logstor Canada Logstor Pex Canada Logstor Insulated Pex Canada Hot Water Insulated Pex Canada

Ontario Thermoflex Underground Insulated Pex Ontario Wood Boiler Pipe Ontario Heat Exchange Pipe Ontario Heatmore Pipe Ontario Heatmor Ontario Green Valley Heating Ontario Logstor Ontario Logstor Pex Ontario Logstor Insulated Pex Ontario Hot Water Insulated Pex Ontario Pre Insulated Pex Pipe Canada Pre-Insulated Pex Pipe Canada Quality Underground Piping Canada Wrap Insulated Pex Pipe Canada Valupex Canada Valu Flex Canada Buy Valuflex Canada Buy ValuFlex Insulated Underground Pipe Canada ValuFlex Insulated Pipe ValuFlex Insulated Pex Canada Flexsul-Seal Pex Canada PerformaFlex Canada Buy PerformaFlex Insulated Pex Canada Buy PerformaFlex Pre Insulated Pipe Canada Buy Flexible Insulated Pex Canada Buy Professional Insulated Pex-Flex Canada Insulated Pipe Pex-Flex Canada Ecofles Pre-Insulated Pipe Canada Buy Wirsbo hePEX Tubing Canada Buy Uponor AquaPEX Canada Uponor Pre-Insulated Pex Pipe Systems Canada Pre Insulated Pex Pipe for Outdoors Canada Buy Pex Pipe for Outdoors Canada Buy Quality Wraps of Insulation Pex Canada Bury Pre-Insulated Pex Pipe Underground Canada Foil Wrapped Pre-Insulated Pex Canada Foam Filled Underground Pipe Canada Urethane-based Pex Canada Urethane Insulated Pex Canada

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