Thermoflex Underground Insulated 1" Pipe 2 Pipe Insulated PEX

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 Thermoflex Underground One Inch Insulated Pipe with Supply and Return (2 hoses) Insulated PEX 

* This hose is sold by the foot and must be ordered in increments of 50ft (15.24 meters). Orders are shipped via freight on a pallet.  Please call or email us for shipping quotes. 

*Some restrictions may apply please call or email for details.

Product Description:

ThermoFlex pre-insulated PEX is used to transport hot and cold water without losing the temperatures to operate your hydronic system in the most intensive environments.  You can use both oxygen barrier PEX or non-oxygen barrier PEX depending on your boiler configuration. Open boiler systems may use both types of PEX while for closed loop systems it is recommended to use oxygen barrier ThermoFlex to prevent oxygen getting into the systems . 

insulated PEX comes with a 2 pipe system for supply and return.  The PEX pipes are insulated with almost 5” of high quality closed cell polyethylene foam which provides thermal performance and protection against water migration.  The nonporous outer shell is made of virgin plastic to protect the inner insulation and PEX pipes.  There is about ¼” of air space between the outer shell and the insulation to help trap air for better insulation properties.  The loss is about 1.2% on 100’ of insulated PEX.

Fitting Compatibility: Since this pipe is made in accordance to ASTM F 876/877, the dimensions meet the SDR9 criteria.  Our PEX will work with any SDR9 dimension crimp or compression fitting.  Please see our fittings page to find compatible fittings. 
Continuous Operating Temperatures and Pressures:  In accordance to ASTM F877, the operating temperatures and pressures are as follows:


  • Surrounded by 5" O.D polyethlyene closed hose (Also called Big "O"), the corrugated shell keeps the hose protected from outside water, rain, etc
  • Minimal heat loss at about 1% for 100 feet. 
    • 73.4 degrees fahrenheit at 160 PSI
    • 180 degrees fahrenheit at 100 PSI
    • 200 degrees fahrenheit at 80 PSI
  • Comes with 2 Installation Rubber Sealed End Caps
  • Made in Accordance With NSF 14/61, CSA and ASTM 876/877 and sized using SDR9


  • Hot water flow from a heating source to a radiant distribution system
  • Cold water flow in colder climate, to prevent freezing
  • Cold water flow in warm climates to prevent the potable water from getting overheated.
  • Geothermal systems, help reduce water heat loss or heat gain during transport.
  • Underground insulated pipe
  • Underground insulated pipe for wood stoves (outdoor wood 
  • Underground insulated pipe for hot water
  • Passive Solar Heating for Pools, Hot Tubs and Ponds


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  • Model: PTT100-RR

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