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Bolton Water Softener

Bolton Water Hardness, Calcium and Scale

Bolton municipal water is moderately hard to hard water. Testing a few locations in Bolton we find the water hardness to be 12-20 Grains/ US Gallon (250-365 mg/l). The hard water in Bolton is high enough to potentially scale up your hot water tank, dishwasher and plumbing. Other symptoms of hard water in Bolton include a dryer skin or dryer hair, and using more soap.

Aquapura Plumbing & Heating Bolton have been installing water softeners in Bolton for well over 25 years. We are well versed in dealing with Bolton water treatment and the installation of Water Softeners in Bolton. Our Bolton water treatment technicians are able to service and repair your existing water softeners if they are not softening your water.

Water Softener Bolton

Are you looking for a water softener in Bolton? Aquapura Canadian assembled Purifiner PDS Water Softener can soften your water and remove calcium with minimal maintenance. All PDS Series water softeners come equipped with automatic backwashing Erie rotary heads which can be customized to each individual's needs. These water softeners are built with the Erie 2401 Control valves and are plug and play and do not contain filters or screens that need to be cleaned or replaced and this added convenience can save you time and money. 

Our water softeners use only the highest quality resin. They contain a bed of the Excelclear Severe Strength Water Softener Exchange Resin with 10% cross linked resin. This high quality resin lasts longer than the standard resin used in the majority of water softeners on the market. Additionally, this resin is more resistant to the harsher chemicals being put into the water in some municipalities. Our Bolton water softener offers softener efficiency at an affordable price.

The Aquapura Fusion 2 Water Softeners are an economical solution to soften your water and remove calcium. All Fusion 2 series water softeners come equipped with automatic backwashing Clack WS1  control valves which can be customized to each individual's needs. These water softeners are also metered and can be set to regenerate dependant on water usage and/or time. The economical Bolton water softeners are a great budget option water softener.


Water Softener Service Bolton

Bolton water softeners will not last forever without proper servicing and maintenance. The water softener resin inside your softener will begin to foul with iron. The resin fouling will be more noticeable in areas of Bolton with higher levels of iron. A yearly weak acid rinse will help to clean the resin of your Bolton water softener. This is normally done with an acid based solution such as Res Care for water softeners. 

A number of water softeners in Bolton have components which need to be inspected and/or cleaned. Our Bolton water softener techs Aquapura is your water softener maintenance Bolton expert to ensure your water softener operates efficiently and to its full potential.

Water Softener Repair Bolton

Is your water softener using too much salt? Not softening the water and leaving calcium deposits on your ficture? These are just some of the symtoms of a faulty water softener that needs to serviced and repaired. Water softeners have internal components which will wear down with age. These parts can start to fail slowly or break down , preventing them from softening your water.

Aquapura has the expertise and tools required to repair a number of water softeners. Through a massive dealer network, we are able to aquire parts for various brands and makes of water softeners. Simple Bolton water softener repair could save you thousands of dollars by not having to buy a new system. Aquapura is your Bolton water softener repair shop.

Water Softener and Chlorine Filters

A growing number of water softener companies are offering combo water softeners which also filter the chlorine in your water. In theory, this can be done by adding carbon media to your water softener, but it is a marginally effective solution. A lot of water softener companies will only put about 10lbs of carbon inside these water softeners, which is less than half a bag of carbon media. The softener will more than likely filter the chlorine taste and odour, but for a much shorter time than the span of the water softeners lifetime.  Check out our article on Mixed Bed Water Softeners

The best Bolton water softener should last you about 15-20 years depending on water usage. The small amount of carbon these companies are putting aside will only last 1-3 Years! This means you either have to rebed your complete water softener, including the resin which should last another 10-15 years.  Or you, you have a water softener which no longer filters the chlorine from your water.

Another issue with the Bolton water softeners with chlorine removal is the lack of contact time. The small amount of carbon added into a water softener will not allow for enough contact time for the carbon to filter the chlorine effectively. The carbon will get rid of the aesthetics, being the taste and smell of the chlorine, however it will have marginal impact on effectively removing the chlorine fully, disinfection by products, chloramines, THMs or any potential carcinogens in your Bolton water.

Aquapura does offer a combo water softener with chlorine filtration, however it is a much bigger system and will contain at least one cubic foot of carbon or catalytic carbon media. Systems like our PDS-60MB Water Softener/ chlorine removal  systems will offer the benefits of softening your water and filtering the chlorine. This is the minimum size we would recommend for any combo water softener with chlorine filter in Bolton as it allows for the minimum contact time and a longer chlorine capacity.

The options of a water softener/ chlorine filter may sound enticing, but make sure that you are educated on the actual efficiency and supposed benefits of these systems. Aquapura recommends seperate filtration systems for better filtration of chlorine and chloramines in Bolton water. Better contact time and longer lasting chlorine filters will save you money and peace of mind.

Water Softener for Bolton Well Water

Those on Bolton well water may have moderate to high levels of iron in their water. "Clear water Iron' is the most common form of iron in Bolton water as it is generally not visible when your pour a glass of water or fill a tub with water. Eventually the water will oxidize and stain your fixtures with an orange or brown stain.

Water softeners in Bolton may boast that these water softeners will also filter out iron. This is true, but generally comes with a myriad of disadvantages. A standard water softener should be able to removed up to 3ppm of iron in your Bolton water. However, this will only work if your water softener is set to regenerate more often and with longer cycles. The higher salt dosage is needed to clean and recharge the resin, meaning that your Water Softener in Bolton will be wasting more salt, more water and not last as long.  Aquapura has a solution for iron in Alliston water which is affordable wiithout sacrificing quality and efficiency.

The Purifiner Water Softener with high iron filtration will filter your clear water iron and give you soft water in Alliston. We build these water softeners for Bolton using macroporous resin. This specialized water softener resin will filter clear water iron up to 10ppm. This Bolton well water softener will use significantly less salt to soften the water and treat the iron when compared to standard water softeners. Aquapura is your source for Bolton iron filters and water softeners.

Symtoms of Hard Water in Bolton

We are often asked if it is necessary to have a water softener in Alliston? This is a subjective questions as it relies on each homeowner's personal preference and needs. 

Some Symtoms include:

  • Scale and Calcium Buildup and/or Clogging of Pipes
  • Buildup in Hot Water Tanks Causing Damage to Water Tank Efficiency or Completely Destroying Tank
  • Buildup on Hot Water Heating Element Decreasing Efficiency and Increasing Power Consumption
  • Buildup on Tankless Hot Water Heater Elements and Sensors
  • Buildup in Dishwasher
  • Buildup and/or Clogging of Coffee Machines, Cappuccino Makers, etc
  • Buildup in Laundry Machines
  • Reduced Flow in Showerheads, Faucets, Toilets
  • Toilet Reservoir Buildup
  • Dull Dishes and Glassware
  • Use of Extra Soap and Laundry Detergent
  • “Hard Water Feeling”


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